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A dnd one shot idea

A kooky old man asks the party to retrieve his golden retriever (you'll recognise her by the pink ribbon on her neck! And the other pink ribbon on her neck!) but the thing is that the retriever is actually a golden version of the Large, demon-owned, slave-retrieving construct also known as a retriever.

My problem with this idea is that I don't really know where to go from there. Does the party find some group dismantling it (preferably with their leader gone, because retrievers are tough to take down, and I'd prefer not to make this like, a level 15 one shot)? Is the retriever just crashed somewhere with an important part of it mystically missing, and the party has to hunt that down? Does the party figure that the kooky old man was suspicious from the start and yeah this retriever doesn't do the guy any favours, how about we kill the dude/just leave?

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to make the idea work