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A one shot idea

So I have a premise of some kind for a dnd one shot I might some day pull, but it's very incomplete, and I'd like to ask for help with it. The idea goes somewhere along these lines:

On the cold southern countries, the tale goes that a huge, bigger than you can imagine, remorhaz wanders the space and skies, looking for suns to eat to upkeep its heated insides. One day, that remorhaz will come eat our sun, in the sun's dying moments.

The remorhaz we see are just its spawnglings, too young and unable to eat its true sustenance to ever grow into the gigantic mother's size.

Lately, it's been getting colder and colder, and remorhaz have been seen more often...

My problem is that while I love the idea of a huge space remorhaz eating suns to keep its insides flaming, I don't know what kind of plot I could make out of this. Is there a cult that tries to call for the Mother Remorhaz, and the PCs should try to stop them? Is there going to be some level 20-esque fight in space with the big remorhaz? What's going to happen?