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A dnd one shot idea

A kooky old man asks the party to retrieve his golden retriever (you'll recognise her by the pink ribbon on her neck! And the other pink ribbon on her neck!) but the thing is that the retriever is actually a golden version of the Large, demon-owned, slave-retrieving construct also known as a retriever.

My problem with this idea is that I don't really know where to go from there. Does the party find some group dismantling it (preferably with their leader gone, because retrievers are tough to take down, and I'd prefer not to make this like, a level 15 one shot)? Is the retriever just crashed somewhere with an important part of it mystically missing, and the party has to hunt that down? Does the party figure that the kooky old man was suspicious from the start and yeah this retriever doesn't do the guy any favours, how about we kill the dude/just leave?

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to make the idea work

A one shot idea

So I have a premise of some kind for a dnd one shot I might some day pull, but it's very incomplete, and I'd like to ask for help with it. The idea goes somewhere along these lines:

On the cold southern countries, the tale goes that a huge, bigger than you can imagine, remorhaz wanders the space and skies, looking for suns to eat to upkeep its heated insides. One day, that remorhaz will come eat our sun, in the sun's dying moments.

The remorhaz we see are just its spawnglings, too young and unable to eat its true sustenance to ever grow into the gigantic mother's size.

Lately, it's been getting colder and colder, and remorhaz have been seen more often...

My problem is that while I love the idea of a huge space remorhaz eating suns to keep its insides flaming, I don't know what kind of plot I could make out of this. Is there a cult that tries to call for the Mother Remorhaz, and the PCs should try to stop them? Is there going to be some level 20-esque fight in space with the big remorhaz? What's going to happen?

Another story idea!

You know how sometimes you may look down form a high up place, and feel the need or want to jump down?

Imagine a young girl, no older than six years old. She's running around on a cruise ship, but slips, and falls off the deck to the ocean. She drowns, and falls deep, deep into the ocean floor, which is as dark as it could possibly get. The deep ocean floor, where you couldn't see a hand if it was right in front of you, and where these partly unknown glowing creatures live.

In this world, ghosts are unable to leave the place where they died, and so this little girl is stuck in the deep, dark ocean. She wails, and cries, and asks for somebody, anybody to help her out. And occasionally, her pleas would reach the ears, or maybe the mind of someone on a passing by ship, and they would look overboard, and feel the need to jump.

Okay so! I got a really sad story idea, anybody up for hearing it?

So! An immortal being, maybe a vampire, obviously lives very long, and the treasured people they meet along their way of life die before the vampire does. They like to think that every dead person has their own star on the sky, and have even attached some stars to specific people from their past. Whenever they see that star, they remember the person they've come to think of as it.

They like watching the starry sky.

But as time goes, light pollution prevents them from seeing most of the stars. They feel like those treasured people from their past - some from far away past, some not quite as far away - are abandoning them, going away. And because they've attached the memories about those people to specific stars, they start to forget those memories, not being able to see those stars anymore.

I'd love to create a happy ending for this fella, but I'm not sure how...